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problem with drums with effects


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so just today i opened up a project ive been working on the last couple of days and at first playback my drum track with effected drums on it sounded like a keyboard playing horribly...i solo'd the track out and i heard the same odd sound....than i selected the track itself while solo'd and at playback it sounded fine. what is causing this problem?
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:?: :? :?:








Some effect on an Aux?


:? :?: :cry:


Really, there's hardly anything to go by here. Could you please put up a screenshot of your mixer, soloed and unsoloed? And could you bounce a few seconds of the "bad" sound and upload that somewhere so me and others can listen to the problem?

"it sounded like a keyboard playing horribly" pretty vague description there... do you mean the timing was off? And afaik, keyboards can't play, they can only be played.

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