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Can't record but sound comes thru


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I have no idea why this just started happening out of no where but all of a sudden I can't record audio although I could the other day. All I get is a thick filled out black line (not a pencil thin line) in place where the audio waves should be with absolutely no sound on playback either. Also I can hear the audio from the mic thru my headphones even without the input monitoring button 'on' and when I record arm or arm the input monitoring the dB meter instantly raises up half way to 0.0 dB only to stay there no matter what sound is coming thru the mic. Nothing is registering. Looked around for some answers with no luck though I am a little stronger on what to do if some other specific problems arise lol, just nothing on this one. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?


...running Logic 8 on a 10.5.8 OS

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Something somewhere is not plugged in right, or some cable somewhere is broken - that would be my first focus of investigation. Worst case: something within the microphone or audio interface is physically broken. Most likely case: plug not socketed correctly, wrong cable, internal break in cable or plug.
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