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Emulating a feedback loop?

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I'm curious if there'd be any bussing/routing techniques for emulating a feedback loop from any audio source. Not just a distortion that sounds similar to a feedback loop, but rather the same process of feeding audio back into itself (with an amp emulator or distortion for additional emphasis)


Could this be done with Logic alone, preferably in a way where the feedback audio itself is controllable independently from the rest of the mix?



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Here's a feedback maker that uses a different approach: using the sample delay to put some distance (i.e., time) between the guitar and the amp.


• The amount of feedback is controlled by the modwheel in realtime

• The modwheel is being converted to "fader" events which are routed in the environment to the send on Aux 2

• You can tune the feedback pitch by changing the value in the sample delay (values between 0 and 100 seem to work well)


Even though I've turned down the Master Fader and put a limiter on the aux creating the feedback loop,

PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR MONITORS before attempting to use this; the feedback can get very loud.

Feedback Maker.logic.zip


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