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Anyone using Reason ReWired with Mainstage?


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Hi all. I'm a sax and wind controller player and have been using MainStage for ages now but am also interested in Reason as a ReWire slave. Has anyone used Reason as a ReWire slave with MainStage (for wind controller use, of course) and if so, what have been your experiences in terms of system resource usage, patch change ability etc?




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I was using Reason 5 in rewire with mainstage till last year.

It was working perfectly and with a really few CPU resource required.


I was having patches combined between Exs24-Es2 and reason without any problem.


Very good combination.

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SAME report from here:

Reason rewired into MS works wonderfully.

I did however get to a point where my Reason projects were so deep and complex, that I had to scale down considerably.

It seems like there is always a better way to do it as far as your CPU resources are concerned.

Any program running inside another program is going to hog that power!


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