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post-rock/shoegaze electric pianos

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CarlosUnderground had posted the FM Pig synth channel strip and I took that pedalboard routing he did and added to it and applied it to Logics electric piano. The "postrock" CST sounds great for holding chords on the bottom end, and it can get real shoegazey if you play higher. to get rid of the swelling wash sound, turn off the octave fuzz in the pedal board. also interesting to take the mixer in the pedal board and flip it to A (you get a real psychedelic sound). the space piano chords is similar but not fuzzy, different delay time. also cool to play with the mixer on channel A.


these are good for moody electronic/postrock/shoegaze-y sorts of things.

postrock EP.cst

space piano chords.cst

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Those are cool man, thanks. Did you find the mixer in the pedal menu?

Another cool thing I do is send the dry signal to 2 aux, load some pedalboards

and hard pan them L & R. Huge for pad like stuff. Check out my Floyd Echos ping,

I think I nailed it.


got "ping" awhile back actually (and promptly used it in something). good idea with the aux. are you loading wildly different sounds in the aux or are you just doing something like applying different EQ?

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