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How to make a Kick with Sinus-Wave?

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Hello again, dear logic crew.


so, i finally have a little question. Again was searching around 10 pages in the search-area with different searching-words.


the question is, how to make a Kick from a simple sinus-wave?


in cubase, there is the "Pitch-Corrector" from cubase intern. you can set a line or curve to do that. disable time-correctur et voila.

make it 3-4 times with some et voila. a fine kick is ready.


but in logic i am longer time trying to do that in a same kind. but i can not find something. the pitch shifter does it nearly. but logical, the audio sample stays the same long as it was. it should become shorter after every bounce and in a specific region the sinus should be faster.


yes, i also tried it with the logic intern stuff. but i want to create my own original kick. not from somewhere else.

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Kicks can be made really easy from a sinus wave. What you want to do is generate a sinus wave that rapidly descends in frequency......ball park figure from around 800Hz to about 60Hz in 100ms.


Or try this:-


Load up the EXS24.

Use the default sinus wave that's already pre-loaded.

For your amp envelope (ENV2), have all settings to 0 with the exception of decay which should be set to about 100ms.

In the router open a route that inversely controls Pitch using ENV1 via NULL.

Set the Attack of ENV1 to about 100ms with DSR all set at 0.


That should produce a basic kick sound to get you started. You could also set up additional instances of the pitched route to fatten up the sound (i.e widen the pitch range).

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Kicks can be made really easy from a sinus wave. What you want to do is generate a sinus wave that rapidly descends in frequency......ball park figure from around 800Hz to about 60Hz in 100ms.

Exactly. That's something that you can do with the ES1, or ES2, or Ultrabeat... an easy way to see how it's made is to load Ultrabeat, then control-click one of the voice's name and choose Init > Kick. You'll see how Osc1 (at the top) uses a slightly saturated sine wave modulated by Env1 so it's dropping from around 400Hz to 55Hz.

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If anyones got massive you can make real convincing kicks in there but I downloaded sonic birth (free, kind of like reaktor ....ish) a while back and with sonic birth comes a kick generator which does exactly this.


Its really cool for stealing someones kick, some times there is a kick in a certain track that I like but it won't be suitable for sampling as there is other stuff going on but a lot of the time its easy to chop out just the transient.


What I do then is analyse their kick and replicate the body of it in the bass drum AU and layer it with my newly stolen transient, after a little playing around you then have a pretty good, very clean version of whatever you copied. Or it goes terribly wrong and sounds nothing like the original but you still end up with a pretty dope kick.


The transient is essential, at least for electro, nearly all my kicks are made like this.

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I see my answer comes way too far. sry for that.


SINE-WAVE ;D sry, my mother tongue is austiran-swiss-german.


ja actually i know how to make it that it sounds like in deep-house stuff and all.

but i make a bit faster music around 150-200<.

in cubase i know how to make it with the Pitch-Shift function that writes in the sample.


what i am trying to do is to make a clear snappy kick that doesn't last longer then 70ms (bit more then 1/16 from 220BPM i am working at the moment for example). and not just a pitched sine wave because i must create a small envelope, between the first 4-5 ms and the rest, that it gets a nice punch without any further editing yet.


to clear you a bit up, what could make everything more interesting, i make kind of hightec music.

Forest-Psy, Dark-Psy, Psycore

i use a lot calcluations to make the compressor ms, reverb calculation and all and only sound design from synths, microphone, instruments etc. no single tune already made. all from 0.


but ja. i dunno how to explain good in english. i hope you can understand what i mean.


EDIT: 220 -> BPM

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Can you post an example? For example a YouTube video of a song that has the kick sound you're looking for?


In general, the faster the tempo, the shorter the kick - and the shorter the kick, the more "clicky" it becomes, while the depth of bass frequencies decrease... the same results can be achieved with the envelope - or with a compressor - or with an EQ.

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hm, yes that's true. the more pitch the more "click" it get.


the prob is, if i make it as short as i need it, it sounds too clicky.


hm, i just can send you something i already made


here with a friend, in cubase, the kick is from a sine wave, recorded with Virus Ti2,

i even don't bring it near to that


this is how i want to let it sound for example

or this one



this Arjuna for example also works with logic i guess.

i know they make the kicks with sine waves. but not the tricks how they let it sound like that.


i know the kick itself sounds almots like that.

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The best way to create a kick drum from a sine wave it to use a synth with a self-oscillating filter.

Meaning that when you turn the resonance up to a reasonable amount, it starts to create a tone (WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY OSCILLATORS).


Then what you would do is modulation the filter using an ENV with no attack, a fast decay, no sustain and no release.

This would modulate the self-oscillating filter to fall in pitch over time very quickly say from 10,000Hz to 50Hz depending on how you set the settings and modulation amounts.


ES1 and ES2 do this rather well. One preset which has a great example of this is in the ES1 Library:ES1 Legacy>Electronic Percussion>Kick Drum - Q Attack


Two 3rd party synths I know do a good job of making sin wave kicks are:

Synapse Audio - EKS Pro




Intelligent Sounds & Music - BazzISM2




There is also a tutorial on how to use logic's ES1 to program your own kick drum.


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