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Any LCR panning advocates here?

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Just read somewhere that there's an actual panning technique (philosophy? way of life?) based on placing stuff either hard left, dead center, or hard right. LCR panning (or LCR mixing).


Apparently some big-name engineers swear by it:


Chris Lord-Alge: "Panning is something I'm not subtle with. It's either left, right, or centre. Absolutely. Unless you're panning an orchestra and you're trying to make it sound like real life, as we did on 'Black Parade'. But I try to make my panning extreme, so it jumps out at the sides."


Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck, etc) seems to like it too.


Is it associated with a particular style of music (from what I gather, rock/pop)?


Just interested in hearing people's opinions on the subject.





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If you have lots of layered takes (primarily guitar) panned hard left/right, with a solid mono rhythm pumping out of the middle, it does sound very huge and in-your-face. Stick the Toms way out in the stereo field too, with no regard for overhead image, so they come booming out from the speakers. Epic up-close rock!
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i pretty much mix everything like this:


strong center (lead vocals, bass, drums, synth lines)

"unified" L&R (so slight delayed or stereo-chorused keyboards, pads, synths, background vocals).

some things (i.e. background vocals, pads) wind up LC&RC...


gives me a big, dense sound...and nothing pulls your attention one way or another.


works for me, not for everyone... 8)

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