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Keyboards apps for iPad that control Logic?

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Apologies if this is a noobie question, but I did a search here and couldn't find an answer anywhere.


I just got an iPad 2 and was wondering if anyone could suggest an app that I can use instead of an actual physical keyboard. The reason would be so I don't have to lug around a midi controller when traveling.


I already saw this great post, which describes apps for controlling Logic generally:




But mostly I would just like to use the iPad as a keyboard to control the softsynths, etc. (although I will probably end up getting V-Control as well). Bonus points if there's an app that I can map like my Novation to program drum pads and various triggers etc.


On a slightly related subject, what apps are people using to record on the iPad? I've used a few but thought I would ask in case anyone has tried anything new and exciting. And what hardware/wires for XLR and line input?

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