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MIDI regions changing pitch


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Howdy all. Brand new to the forum, good times....


I'm having a weird problem that started just lastnight. Say I record a couple tracks of piano (one of the defaults that comes with logic), and anything else, lets say a pad.


After I record these instruments, and I move the midi regions, the notes within the regions change pitch to random places unless the region is placed back in its original position. So at this point, I cant move MIDI regions without getting some atonal weirdness...


It also doesnt happen right away, takes a few minutes before it starts doing this to me..



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I'm having the same problem here. I'm trying to move all my regions a couple of bars in order to make space for an intro but every time I try it my midi instruments are out of tune (untill I move them back to their original position)...


Maybe it's a bug ? Does anyone know ? Maybe there's a workaround for creating space for an intro in the beginning of your song ?




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