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Ghost tracks playing on Logic 9 [SOLVED]


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OK, so I've been having a weird issue with Logic 9 creating new tracks recently.


Whenever I create a new track, it will begin to play music from another track though there is nothing on that track.


I've tried Control-Clicking the safe mode and going through the steps to reassign the Prelisten channel strip.




So far my workaround has been to create multiple tracks. The problem only seems to happen on the first track I create. The problem is I use Command D a lot to create tracks with duplicate settings (not a big fan of automation).


If I create a new track it will give it the same name, for example "audio 2". The following track will be "audio 3" but only 2 will will have the ghost music playing. If i delete the track and then add a new track it will name it "audio 2" again and play the music form the other track, really frustrating.


I've done some searching but haven't found this issue on the the forum, can anyone help?


I use:


Logic 9

OX Lion

Apogee Ensemble

iMac Quad Core

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