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Say you've got a matrix editor showing some notes, and you go to (small menu) View->Hyper Draw->Volume. You should see a blue region below the notes with a line about 3/4 up going across, with a little circle on its left side that says 0.0 dB. Drag that little circle down and the number should change to a negative number. (say, -20.0 dB). If you play the region it should be much quieter now. Now click in the blue area under the note where you want the crescendo to reach its loudest, around 3/4 up (you can drag before letting go to get it perfectly lined up at 0.0 dB). A line should connect between the beginning, and this new point you clicked on. When you play the region again, you should hear the crescendo. Editing these points takes some getting used to since the pointer tool also creates new nodes and even removes existing ones if you just click on them instead of dragging.


There are different ways of making a crescendo depending on the sounds you're using. For percussive sounds like piano and drums it's all in the velocity (volume doesn't make sense for these instruments since you can't alter the volume of the real instrument once you've started playing a note or hit the drum). Set the hyper draw to view velocity and you can draw a crescendo for the velocities by click-holding until the tool tip says "Start Line", then letting go of the mouse button and clicking where the crescendo should end. This changes the velocities of the notes to follow the new line. However, you'll lose any accents that were played. To keep those, you need to use a transformation. But I'll leave that for another post.

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Okay, I'm getting this. One question: How do I widen

the blue space so that I can work more accurately.

I have lenghtened it, but need to see better.


Another question: I looked into the velocity for the

percussion instruments, however, there is nothing saying

velocity. I went hyperdraw and saw the volume, modulation,

etc. Where do I find velocity?


Thanks again!


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To stretch the hyper draw area vertically, move the cursor to the dividing line between it and the note area above. The cursor will change to a double horizontal line with arrows pointing up and down. Now you can drag the splitter up to get more height.


As for the velocity editing: I don't have Express, but the manual states it's in View > Hyper Draw > Note Velocity . In Logic Pro, it's the very last item in the menu. See page 236 of the Logic Express 7 Reference Manual (Chapter 7, Hyper Draw -- Note Velocity). You'll also find info about Relative mode, where if you hold down Command (Apple/Clover key) when clicking the end point of the crescendo, the accents will be retained when drawing the ramp.

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