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Logic Pro and Manley Variable mu

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Im running logic pro with a MOTU 828 mk3 and a manley variable mu.

How can I route the stereo out of logic, through the compressor and back into logic?

Ideally Id like to be able to run each track, or the full track, through the comp, and rec the output into the same project, similar to a delay or reverb.

I know there are some routing issues with the mk3 and logic, but i dont seem to be getting a signal out.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Thanks for your help.


You're welcome.



I also found this thread very helpful


Is there any difference between sending all the channels to a bus or an aux bus?


Sending to a bus as opposed to setting the outputs to a bus? Yes. If you use sends you'll be creating copies of the signals. This would be useful if what you want to do is parallel processing. But it doesn't sound like that's want you want, right?



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Yes, thats right, I dont want to parallel process. I set the I/O as you said and its working beautifully. This compressor has a wonderful sound.

What I meant was, in the environment window you can create new bus channel or new aux channel. Is there any difference between these?

I use an outboard delay on a kind of send-return, send to bu 8, bus 8=output 8, then back in to the arrange window audio channel input=8, so when I arm the track I can record the signal from the delay.

I was thinking of a similar system with the compressor but I have the feeling the aux channels hold more secrets than Im aware!



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It would help to describe other things like the size of the project. Are you trying to process a track while 31 other tracks are playing? Do you have the Stereo output loaded up with plugins?


There may be a difference when compared to experimenting with only a one track project.

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Its not a huge project, just a trial run to test the manley.

It only has a drum track, bass, guitar, and piano, plus some plugins.

2 aux channels, one stereo and one mono. 2 instances of the I/O utility on the aux channels. Neither show the ping function.

It was there when I first opened the utility, but it suddenly disappeared.

I will try it on a new project with only one channel.

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