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Help with Garageband Amp sims


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Is there any way to have one input track with multiple Garageband amp sims running on that track? What I want to do is have one input (clean) then I want to have one of my amp sims panned to the left, another different amp sim panned to the right and one sme center. I tried using bus tracks and I could not import a Garageband sim into it. I can use amp sims with Input tracks but cannot figure out how to link 3 together. Is this even possible?


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What if you had several tracks all with the same input, with your different settings and pans on each?


I think that from the Arrange window, you can press the up or down keys on the keyboard, and switch which track you're playing through. (Don't have Logic running at the moment, can't check)


Or, there may be a way to set up an Environment where a MIDI program change or Note On message switches between tracks.

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