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Installed SSD system drive, but lost all plugin presets


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A few days ago I successfully installed a 120GB SSD from OWC into my iMac to use as a system disk, with all other files on the existing HD.


On the SSD:





On the original HD:

Home folder, ~user/Library, Logic song files, etc.


Fantastic setup, I love it, Logic really sings...except that every plugin seems to have lost its Factory presets.


I know that user presets exist in ~/Library/Audio/Presets...which is cool, all my custom presets are intact.


But I can't get Factory presets for any plugins to show.


Does anyone know how or where they're stored? Is there a way of telling Logic to look in a different place?


Thanks, any advice appreciated.



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here (in lion), a lot of presets are at: HD>Library>Audio, in a "Presets" folder. and, for fun, have found more at HD>Library>Application Support, IN the actual Applications folder, AND in the Documents folder (in the Home folder). so...depends on the plugin...
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Thanks, part of the problem has been solved.


You're right Rev, the action happens in the top level Library>Application Support>Logic>Presets folder.

The install of Lion and migration of system folders to the SSD failed to bring those settings across. Just manually copied them and all the native Logic presets have returned.


Correct also fisherking, different plugins seem to put factory presets in different places. So I think it's going to need some detective work to sort out and maybe emails to vendors.


Just noticed that none of my IK Multimedia plugin instruments show up at all!


I'll plug on, as it were.


Thanks for the tip about the signature, now attached.



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One last update!


It seems Apple's OSX Lion Migration Assistant wasn't quite as good an assistant as I thought it would be when copying over files from my existing HD to the new SSD.


It left certain files behind, seemingly at random in tghe following two folders:

/Library/Application Support/Logic



Most files were copied, BUT NOT ALL!


Weird. I had to go through and copy the missing prefs and component files by hand from the original HD to the new SSD. All plug-ins appear to be back to normal.


There you go.


Thanks to the posters for their help.

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