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Automate bus track/master track? [SOLVED]


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hi :D very hot these days in here.


i want to use "auto filter plugin - always rising 4 bars" in middle of my songs, not for full track.

how to use this middle of the song? i can't automate it..


and i wanted to make filter in my master track - and i succeeded put filter plug -in master track. but how can i automation to my master track?/bus track? in automation there is no master track and bus track.



and i want to find dance "hit" sound fx, in logic loops, exs24, battery3, sylenth - there is no good hit sound!

where can i find it?


and my last question, sorry. in exs24 - i made rising synth. i want to make its pitchbend range high. i found that in nexus, but i can't

find pitchbend range in exs24.


thanks for read my question and have a nice day.

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