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Anybody here with a Korg Kronos?


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I asked this question some time ago at KorgForums, which is the equivalent to this forum for Korg users(great vibe forum with knowledgeable members) but nobody gave me a clear answer.


So, i use the Kronos in Combi mode when i sequence with Logic, so my settings will stay in memory when i shut down the beast. In Combi mode, when i "Hyper-draw" in Logic, CC7 messages won't translate on the Kronos mixer UI. CC10 and 8 work and i can see the virtual knobs on the Kronos mixer move, but not the volume faders. In SEQ mode, it works ok but if i sequence in that mode, i'd have to load the song everytime i power-up the Korg. In Combi, the Kronos receives them as i can hear my fade ins and outs, but they don't show up visually on the Korg UI.


Since the Kronos mixer is pretty complete, i don't show Ext. MIDI strips on the Logic mixer so in most projects, i can see all my VIs and audio tracks and have an empty space on the lower right to park a plugin window there. But i would like to have a visual feedback of the Kronos volume data while i mix .


So, my question is this: Is it like that for you too, or did i miss a pref somewhere in either the Korg or Logic? Thanks for your time.



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