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External HD cant locate files


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Hi all,


My 1TB External is where ive stored all of my EXS plugs-in samples. I can use software instruments totally fine, but in certain occurrences the .aif or .wav that corresponds to an .exs cannot be found. My typical work around is to find the sound file manually. then open it up in itunes, go back into Logic and suddenly it can find the file. Now my problem is this only works for certain plug-ins. Comes up in the finder, but not in Logic.


Logic 8 i ran into this same problem, but it gave the option to manually search out a sound in a browse window other than in Logic 9 its just an auto 'search again' button that never works for me. Is this a directory problem? My external is quite full, but i dont know if that has something to do with it. I would connect my external via firewire, but im using my one FW port for the interface. Any ideas on the subject would be very helpful.


UPDATE 2/1/2013

I got a new 2TB External HD and now having the same problem but now with mostly all the instruments. please look at the pics attached. this is what comes up. any info on the topic would greatly helpful...





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