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Sync Error Message with Audio and Midi


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Hey all


For a while now I have been getting this error message...


"Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI. Sample rate of ###### recognized"


The sample rate it shows is always different. 21100, 29762, 41009, etc


I have narrowed the issue down to Native Instrument Plugins. Kontakt, Battery and Reactor are the main culprits.


But even with only two instances loaded (Kontakt and Battery) ( plus 6 other midi instruments disabled and frozen) and then a maybe 10 audio tracks, it still freaks out. Deactivating one of the N.I plugs stops the issue.


I have scanned this issue on the forum and tried some of the solutions suggested.... driver updates, N.I software updates, changing the preferences within Kontakt/Battery. But nothing has helped.


This issue also still existed with 9.1.6, and i thought an update might have helped... but no.


I have the N.I applications on my internal SSD and the samples loaded to an external HD via USB, which generally is stable. And when it isn't it tends to give me a different error message about not being able to load the audio files in time.


Im not sure whether its a processor and hardrive speed/bus speed issue, or whether its an Audio Interface issue, as thats what the Error message indicates.


My sample rate settings are all the same across the board.


Im stuck....



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