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Sending Midi Clock from Mainstage to Boss DB-90


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Hey everybody. I'm pretty new to the world of midi, and was hoping to get some help here. I'm trying to send midi clock to my Boss DB-90 midi metronome. I have the metronome plugged into the midi out of my Presonus Audiobox interface, and have the interface plugged into my computer through usb. I'm getting mainstage to send the midi clock, but the click from the metronome is slightly off with what is going on in Mainstage. It is synced but seems to be lagging. I am hooking this up so my drummer can listen to the boss metronome and I can trigger loops and samples in time, so this lag is pretty unacceptable. I have Ableton rewired to mainstage, and the click in Ableton is right on point, so I'm wondering if it's mainstage sending through an external instrument that's the problem, or maybe having my metronome hooked up through my interface that's the problem. Can anybody help me?? I would appreciate it so much. Thanks.
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This isn't an answer but more of a follow up question to whoever can answer it.


I am trying to do the SAME thing so my drummer can be in sync with DB-90. I don't know the best setup though for it.

I have:

- MacBook Pro, OS X 10.7.4

- Yamaha Motif XS8

- M-Audio Fast Track Pro Audio Interface

- Boss DB-90

- Mainstage 2.2.2



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