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An arbitrary selection of piano keys are muted? [SOLVED]


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Dear All,


My problem is this: When I play midi instruments on my piano, a random set of keys are suddenly muted. I've searched for similar cases on this and other forums. Some cases were indeed similar, but not identical, and not helpful.


I use Logic Pro 9 on OS X 10.7.4 software, and I'm a rookie. Hence, I'm not sure whether this is a bug or merely some extremely weird adjustment I've managed to do. I've checked the piano roll (it works splendidly); I've checked the mute tool; I've tried opening a new project; I've tried "reset all media regions"; I've tried rebooting the program; I've tried rebooting the computer. Nothing works.


Perhaps I missed something, but what would that be? This I know: All keys sound on Digital Performer; and after a Logic reboot, all keys sound - for a few seconds. Then quiet.


After my first two reboots, I received a window, asking me to reset all media regions (which I did to no avail). Perhaps this window identified the error, but it won't appear any longer, so I can't quote the whole thing.


If anyone has any clue, please help me. I'm quite desperate.


Thanks in advance,


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after a Logic reboot, all keys sound - for a few seconds.


This part is confusing. When I read this post I thought of the same solution as Scott (it is a very, very common problem), until I stumbled upon this sentence. Assigned keys do not wait a few seconds before they "remember" being assigned.

Good you got it sorted anyway though.

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