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EXS instrument issue when restoring from a backup [SOLVED]


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Hi everyone.


I've put in a bunch of hours on a particular project and was dismayed when I found that somehow all the automation has been messed up; it looks like it all got moved back a weird amount. Weird meaning not an even bar/beat amount.


For this reason I've been trying to use the latest backup (the one that says ".9") but whenever I open it it says 2 EXS instruments are missing. Weird, because those instruments are saved in a folder "Sampler Instruments" right in the project folder. So in the EXS interface I clicked "edit," navigated to the project folder, opened "Sampler Instruments," chose the right .exs file, but still it's just giving me the default sine waves! How do I make the instruments work?


So I either use the project with all the messed up automation (really don't want to do that) or figure out how to make the EXS instruments work in the backup file.


Does anyone know why the EXS instruments would work in the "active" project file but not in the backup one?

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The latest backup is with a "00" ending, then 01, 02 and so forth.


Derp! Thanks.


I came up with a solution for my problem:

I went into the project file where the EXS instruments DID work, saved them in another location, then opened them in the backup project. Now they're playing as they should.

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