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destructed sample

Axl Otl

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I deleted a part of a sample and now I regret it, I know that it is destructive but I'd like to find it back.

It is just a song coming from my I tunes so I checked if my I tunes file was croped but it wasn't, the song was perfectly uncut.

So I tried and copied it again in the arrangement window to try and use it again but when I did so, my croped sample with a missing part came back!

I also cleaned the bin box before but it didn't change anything.


Where is my uncut I tunes files and how can I bring it back to the sampler editor please???

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If its still playing in itunes then the sample still exists in its original form ( in the itunes library) I think logic sometimes gets a bit clever and just uses the sample it already has if something of the exact name is brought back into it, if that makes sense....


Drag the sample from itunes onto the desktop, rename it, then try dragging that file into logic, does that work?


you can probably skip the desktop part, the important bit is duplicate it, change the name, then drag that into logic.

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