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Audio Editing "Undo" issues


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Im trying to become proficient at Audio Editing in Logic and I am having some issues. Thusfar I am just trying to adjust regions in the sample editor (which reflect on the arrange) however when I try to undo an edit nothing reverts back. These are all non-destructive edits and I dont know what is going on. Is this a bug?


Here is a video showing the issue:



Can anyone recommend any tips (tutorials, books...the manual?) for becoming a power user with Logics audio editing features?

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Same behavior here in 9.1.5.


Note that the Undo function says "Undo Change Selection", not "Undo Change Region Length". Clearly there's a disconnect between the operation you're performing and what Logic does in terms of registering changes in the sample editor's Undo buffer (which is separate from Logic's main Undo buffer).


Going to suggest that you do your editing in the arrange page. Not that editing in the sample editor doesn't have its benefits, but for routine trimming of regions it's much simpler to do it in the arrange page. However, if you're really dead-set on using the sample editor, look for the function called "Selection --> Region" (see bottom item in the menu shown in the screenshot). This function is also available as a key command (search the key commands window for "selection" and you'll find it). Then, make your selection right in the waveform display of the sample editor (not the red bar) and then use that command.


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