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Logic to AW16G?


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Hi there!

Am just getting this rig going - Roland A-30 Controller => Korg 05R/W => Logic/iMac (to create tracks for instruments I "don't play", heh);

From Logic/iMac => Korg 05R/W ('cause I like the sounds of the Korg better) => AW16G for "recording";

And then vocals/guitars to AW16G companion tracks ('cause I wasn't sure about price/performance of audio interfaces to just stay in Logic domain).


Now the question - please wave me back from this if the above is "tedious", "stupid", "been tried/proven fail", etc.


I'd like to play back a track at a time from Logic and record that on AW16G (so I can mix on AW16G and add other tracks as noted).

I anticipate issues with syncing the tracks (since I'll press REC and then press play on iMac). The questions:

1. Can I adjust any sync issues fully with AW16G EDIT features (like cutting out portion at start of track to align them)? Any issues with precision or anything else when I do this?

2. I didn't find a natural way to handle this just with MIDI (reading manuals of both several times, not convinced) - has anyone done this?

3. I have seen other web discussions about "remote controlling the AW16G from Logic" (and vice-versa) but no one that's done it with recent versions (Logic v9) and this doesn't make sense to me anyway - how could I press play for Logic and record for AW16G concurrently?


I hope this makes sense and look forward to your input/collect wisdom/chastisement! :P



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you can make these sync up in such a way that they'll both stay in sync... not too hard...




probably time to say goodbye to the AW16G. Anything you can do on that device, you can do within Logic. since you're adjusting your workflow anyway... my suggestion is make the jump.


with a little bit of logic you can make a lot of music...

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Thanks for the recommendation. My set-up is evolving - I was mentally focused on not buying an audio interface (for guitar/vocals) for the iMac/Logic set-up which is why I got the 16G (and it was cheap!) - probably a holdover from PC days and not wanting to mess with USB more than already just for MIDI.


But that's why I asked for advice/input. I didn't actually compare "quality" on doing straight to Logic vs. on 16G. Need to do some research and experiments on that.


I really thought it would cost more for a decent audio-in to connect to iMac. (Also using Line 6 POD HD500 direct into 16G and Shure SM57 for acoustic and vocal mic tracks.) Happy to hear what others use for getting their "analog" instruments into Logic.



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