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I can't hear the Midi information on my track [SOLVED]


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I've imported a midi file into Logic Pro 7 I can see the midi notes The volume is registering in the mixer I can edit, highlight, delete, copy etc the midi notes in the edit window BUT I can't hear it. The midi out button is highlighted.


I can hear all my audio tracks are fine

I'm using a Mac Os X 10.4.11 MacBookPro


I'm sure there is a very simple solution

Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

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MIDI is not sound but musical performance data that's meant to be routed to an instrument. The instrument, in turn, produces audio which you can hear.


So my best guess is, your MIDI data is not routed to an instrument.


An easy way: in the Arrange area, create a new software instrument track. Then choose a patch from the Library, which will insert an instrument plug-ins (and probably a few processing plug-ins) on the channel strip. Then drag your MIDI region to that track.


Can you hear it now?

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OK so here goes

I start again with a new instrument track

click on the waveform icon choose grand piano from the list of midi instruments gm device.

Record some notes It records fine

Can't hear the playback of the recording

I can hear my piano fine when I am not recording


Just out of interest I import a drum loop into an instrument track and that sounds fine

I then put my recording onto the drum track and it plays back the notes of what I've just recorded but using drum samples

I then change the sound of that drum track to grand piano and I can't hear it anymore.


I have found the original discs for the programme

should I just re install the programme?


Do I need to erase the original Pro 7 before I do so?


I found a demo tutorial on one of the discs and that plays fine with all the midi notes on the tracks and everything


All help gratefully received


All the best


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Ouch.. Logic 7.....ok working from memory: I think you're doing it wrong, it sounds like you're still working with an external MIDI track. You need to create a software instrument track. In the Inspector, you should see a channel strip with volume fader, meter, pan, inserts etc... can you take a screenshot? There should be an instrument slot where you can load an instrument.


It should look like this (on that screenshot, the blue slot right under where it says "i/o" already has an instrument loaded):



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B I N G O ! ! ! ! IT WORKS ! HURRAH !


I was obviously trying to get the instrument from the wrong place DOH!


Thank you so much for your patience I know I'm using the neanderthal of pro logic but hey it all works now.

I havn't needed any midi until now because I was using it as a sketchbook for writing and recording everything live.


onwards and into midi we go Ha Ha


All the best


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