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Reset/modify the timeline to match odd length loop [SOLVED]


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Hi all


I'm sure this has been asked loads of times, but I've been searching for a while and come up with nothing, so guess I'm not wording it right!


I have chopped up an old song into loops and set the tempo to match. It's an old rock song though and there are a few breakdowns where they just can't fit into a 2 or 4 bar loop without time stretching it till it doesn't sound right. Once I've added these in the song though, they are stretching over the end of the bar, so the whole rest of my loops following in the song are out of sync with the timeline.


Can anyone make a suggestion as to what to do here? I'm wondering if you can make a couple of bars stretch out to match the odd samples, or reset the timeline even?


Thanks for any help.

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1) Select the region that's a little over ... let's say 2 bars

2) In the bar ruler, drag a 2 bar cycle that the region should match.

3) In the tempo track, create a tempo change at the end of the cycle area, with the same value as your song's tempo.

4) Choose Options > Tempo > Adjust Tempo using Region Length and Locators.

5) In the pop up, click "Create".


Ask if you need further details.

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Hi David


Thanks heaps for that, works perfect. The only problem was I'd gone ahead and worked on half the track, including turning the samples into monophonic Flex mode and adding loads of midi drums and bass regions to match!


If I follow all the steps, then shrink the sample using the flex tool, it's still timed perfectly, as the tempo's been changed, so that part's easy. Is there anyway to shrink midi regions to fit the new tempo? As far as I can see, you can only shrink the length of the midi region, but the notes won't shrink to fit the new tempo area - is that correct?


Thanks again for your help!

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