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Bug in Export Region As Audio/Convert To New Audio File


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I think I have discovered a bug, in relation to these two menu commands.


if you create a region that is 12 beats long, when you export that region as audio, or convert to new audio file, if you open that region in Apple Loops Utility, the tempo of the audio file will not match the tempo of the project it was exported from.


It seems that logic will only write tempo information correctly into regions whose lengths are multiples of 8 beats.



I'm editing a set of latin percussion files that were recorded at q=115. I'm chopping up the stems into 4-bar segments. Some of these phrases need to be 3 bars long, because of the performance. When I export the 3-bar segments as .aif or .wav and open them with ALU, their tempo is displayed as 77bpm, and their loop length is 8 beats. If i change the loop length to 12 beats, the loop meta data is changed, but the tempo information is not. The interesting thing is that although once this new loop (at 77bpm) is added to the Apple Loops index, and subsequently auditioned in a project that is set to 115bpm, the file plays back identically to the original audio file. So, somewhere in the export process, the tempo information is being incorrectly written.


Can anyone verify this? It only happens for regions that are NOT multiples of 8 beats in length.



edit: It seems that ALU doesn't save tempo/loop updates if you change selected files in the assets window after editing that info without pressing the save button. I'm currently able to open audio files in ALU with incorrect tempo/beat duration information, correct the data, save the individual file, remove it from ALU, then reopen it in ALU and it will display the correct tempo/loop duration.

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