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Dumb newbie question


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Hi Guys


I am TOTALLY new to Logic (been a Reason user)....but have now upgraded my s#!+!! :D


Got a really simple question (or two)...


Firstly, I have also bought NI Massive which i have installed and registered etc, but it is not showing up in my instruments on the right hand side when i open up a software instrument track.... I know this will be something really obvious im missing ,but can anyone sugegest any reasons why??


Also, I need to configure an AKAI MPK MINI as the controller, whch ive struggled with... does anyone know of any resources that could show me how/simplify the process?? For Reason someone had written the Lua/codecs to set up an immediate template for it, but I dont think you can do this in Logic?? (may be wrong).


Sorry in advance for my very very newbie questions....



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Hello Borderline,


I'm pretty new to this forum myself, so I'm pretty sure someone is going to ask politely that you update your signature with your setup!


Click on the input section of your instrument track, and a menu will appear where you'll notice a "Native Instruments" category. You'll find your Massive there.



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