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looking for a good mic pre!

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hi! I'm looking for a new mic pre under $1000.00 is gonna be mainly for vocals but if i can find something that would good all around too it would also be nice!! any suggestions? thanks!


I am sort of looking too for vocals and acoustic guitar.


Here is the dilemma:


I don't like the sound of my acoustic guitar, nor do I like my voice. After scouring through all the pre amps available from $39 up to $6,000, I realized that matching one pre amp to both one vocalist and one specific acoustic guitar is going to be a very difficult task.


I initially need a very good voice and a very good guitar, otherwise a quality pre amp will do an excellent job of showing how much the sound of both my voice and guitar plain out suck. I would have to find something to add more 'color' to my voice and guitar.


Impedance matching a mic/instrument to a pre amp is important for a great sound. You don't really want to run a $4,000 mic thru a $39 art pre amp thinking that because the Art pre has a tube in it that it will be awesome.


So long story short, you have to match up your Mic/Instrument quality with your pre-amp/channel strip quality to best suit your needs.



This article should help:


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thanks for the responds guys!! i looked at the golden age and its really good also the rmf is nice specially for the price.

hey shiver as far as the robbie, its nice but i want something that i can use with other mis as well not only the blue, how ever thanks for the info. i just want a good mic and pre,for all my noise gates, limiters, compressors, and other FX im planning to state in the box using my logic and waves pluggings.

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@ allsound - Just to be clear, are you looking for a mic-pre and a microphone, or just a good pre? Also, when I was looking at mic-pres before, I ended up taking more interest in a high-quality channel strip. Is that something you've considered? Channel strips can include features such as EQ, compression (or limiters), and solid state or tube preamp circuitry.


I'm sure you probably already know this, but what's so useful about a unit such as these is that you can dial in all kinds of tones or coloration. But they can also provide the type of clarity that you may want for a certain applications. I like the amount of versatility these are capable of.


But it's certainly down to personal preference. I hope you find exactly what you need for a price that fits your budget. Here are a couple of suggestions if you haven't already made a purchase:


Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity - around $750 - $800 This has both solid state and tube circuitry with the additional benefit of being able to mix the two together... sounds great too! http://www.uaudio.com/hardware/mic-preamps/710-twin-finity.html


Grace Design m101 - around $765 My friend swears by this for detailed recordings using both acoustic guitar and an assortment of various microphones. http://www.gracedesign.com/products/m101/m101.htm


- xpander

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I don't know Blue Robbie so this might not help.


I have the UAD 710 TwinFinity. It has a knob for mixing any combination of full solid state to full tube and anywhere in between. I must say, I only ever use it on full tube. In retrospect, I'd probably have been better just getting their 610.


I match to a Neumann U-87 mostly and sometimes U-47 fet. Sound is good but not an Avalon (which is out of OP's budget).

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