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Funk Odyssey! (Serj Tankian remix)

Rev. Juda Sleaze

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Another Talenhouse remix, this time for Serj Tankian (the singer from System of a Down).


Here's the orginal:



Here's my remix (if you can call it that, I did use some bits from the stems):




If you'd like to vote for me, do it here: http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/ab9b7e1b18c19303ede19b30a1344b4f/657

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Nice Rev!


I wasn't familiar with the original, but i listened to it first, and thought to myself that Serj's voice had an Ozzy thing going on that i hadn't really noticed in SOAD. So i was a bit tickled when i got a few seconds into your track and heard what to my ears was a bit of a nod to sabbath. I also liked the bungle meets zappa with a touch of p-funk treatment for the vocal section through the end. Horns are great as i would expect from you.

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