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Sequencing an external drum machine through midi?


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I have been trying to figure out how to sequence my drum synth using logic, with little to no success. I am running Logic 9 Pro 9.1.6 on a 13" macbook pro (10.7.2). I am using a USB to midi interface with the midi connected to a Vermona DRM1 MKiii. I have not been able to understand the tutorials on using environment and mapped instruments because most of those tutorials are over 4 years old. I tried using the simple piano roll sequencer as well, and the midi interface did show a light when an input was made but it did not affect the drum machine, no matter what octave i pressed on the piano roll.


What could I be doing wrong? Is there an updated tutorial on how to connect logic to an external drum machine? I am new to using midi insntruments, so i have not used environment before.

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