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Problems with advanced Mainstage Set-up using an Akai MPK49


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Firstly, sorry to be another one of those people asking for set up help!


I have been using Logic Pro 9 for a while and got that completly set up with my MPK, including the arpeggiator and tap tempo etc. However, I cant get these functions to work in Mainstage, it doesnt seem to have the same set-up (sync) options Logic. I have set up all the other faders/knobs/drums pad and these all work fine but can not get the arpeggiator, note repeat or tap tempo to work. I have spent ages trying to figure it all out and look for youtube guides etc, but to be honest am really quite new to all this! If someone has any tips/guides then that would be awesome!


Thank you!

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If you want MS to send tempo clock to the MPK, add an external MIDI instrument strip. I think you have to do this at the patch level for some reason. Then in that strip's attributes find MIDI Out options. Check the "Send MIDI clock", "Send start" and "Send stop". Also, on the strip's mixer channel, select your MPK's MIDI in port and channel (i think 1 works for default MPK settings).


Then, make sure your MPK clock source is set to External (in the Global Settings). Whew.


I've had various degrees of success with my MPK25 syncing, but that's the way you do it. I haven't tried setting MS tempo via MPK tap tempo yet. There are a couple YouTube vids out there about it too. Good luck. MS users need it!

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