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Logic 9 and Tascam DM3200 Mackie Control emulation

Gravity Jim

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Hi, all. I'm new here, as I just downloaded Logic, with plans to migrate my studio from Digital Performer over time.


While it's not a major issue, I was hoping to have the same kind of Mackie Control communication between my Tascam DM3200 and Logic as I was seeing in DP, but no such luck. Loading the Tascam's internal settings ("MC for Logic") and creating a Mackie Control and Mackie Control Ex. in Logic, as instructed, gives me some function... start and stop work, for example. But if I put Logic in Record, the sequence cannot be stopped: not by the Tascam's stop button, by the space bar or by mouse clicking on the on-screen button.


Trying to stop the sequence in any of these ways causes Logic to jump backward in time by whatever time is in the current measure and one more full measure besides, and start a new recording pass from the beginning of that measure. Because the sequence can't be stopped by any means, it seems clear to me that some Logic function that I am not yet familiar with is being turned on... some kind of cycle record thing, maybe. But it seems to have something to do with some kind of comm loop between Logic and The Tascam, because you can stop the sequence by deleting by the Mackie control surfaces in Logic's Preferences.


If you tap the space bar several times quickly, Logic creates a new "take" (at least that's what I thin it's doing... I'm new to this), stacking up several takes all related to the original track, each with a chunk of audio in it corresponding in length to the time you allowed it to record before hitting "space" again.


Does any of this sound familiar? I've searched the forums and I know the DM3200 isn't widely used (in fact, I don't know that many people are even using a console anymore, but it's the way I like to work)... but any direction you can provide will be appreciated.


BTW, I have a copy of the book coming from Amazon. :)

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Okay, I think I've really dialed this in, and I expect that some kind of setting in Logic might clear it up.


The transport controls all work fine... Rewind and FF, play, stop and record. I haven't tried everything but I think I'm seeing as-expected fader action as well. Several times I thought I had the problem fixed, but on the next pass it would return.


I now have it narrowed down to one consistently reproducible problem:


The Tascam's transport controls work like a tape recorder... You press both REC and PLAY to start the sequencer in record mode. If I press th REC button first, holding it down and then press PLAY, the sequence won't stop. But if I simply press them together at the same time, it works perfectly.


It didn't occur to me until I was typing this to see if Logic would start recording if I just press and release the REC button, but I don't think it does. I'll give it a try... It might be just that simple.


But if not... Any ideas?

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