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garage band nature sounds


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In nature?


Best, Marcel


This sounds like a great suggestion disguised in a witty comment. But if you can actually find/take the time to go in nature and record your own birds, wind in tree, rain, ocean, dog barking... you'll end up with the best result.


Now there are a few sounds in Logic, and you can find them in the Loop Browser. They are accessed by clicking on the third button at the top left (The first one is column view, the second is music/matrix view, the third is sound effects/matrix view).


Soundtrack Pro is also a great source of sound effect loops. Unfortunately you cannot buy it separately anymore (you have to buy Final Cut Studio).

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I was in the Apple store and there were nature sounds

on in Logic from Garage Band, but when I tried this

at home I could not find any nature sounds. What's up?

Do you know where I can find these or other good nature





What version of Logic do you have?


In 7.2.3 using Garage band via Audio instrument insert in Logic (pro) - look for Sound effects


I am still finding new things in Logic since I did the crossgrade to 7.2.3

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GarageBand 3 added more sounds to its loop library - there are many "nature" sounds.


From within the GB3 loop browser check out the FX button (drag up if you don't see all the buttons).


You can also find some of them on your hard drive. Go to:


your hard drive / library / application support / GarageBand / Instrument Library / Sampler / Sampler Files / Nature Sounds



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Uhh ... that was assuming you are looking from within GarageBand or on your drive.


To find in Logic:

Go to the inserts menu on an audio instrument channel strip and follow the path down through GarageBand>Sound Effects>Nature Sounds.


They are "notes" (samples) on an EXS instrument.



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