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conversion from 32 bit to 24 bit


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Hi everyone,


Searched the database for info on this, nothing, so here I go :

Although I explicitly asked for 24 bit, 44.1 Khz wav files I got 32 bit files.

Itunes plays it perfectly but Logic doesn't want to import it ( maybe something for future updates ? ).

Anyway, anybody know how I can convert these to 24 bit or know of a good converter who does this ( probably need a good dither algorithm also

right ? ).

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Hi Mew,


Thanks for your reply.

I just tried it with Waveburner ( the version that comes with Logic ) and it can convert 32 bit wav to 16 bit audio.

Sounds pretty good, I wonder what dithering they are using, because you can't make a choice, the program converts it automatically to 16 bit audio,

it won't handle 32 bit files.





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Just so you know, the most comprehensive conversion program I've ever used is Barbabatch by Audioease. It's very pricey but it will do absolutely everything you could ever want and the audio quality is excellent.
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As Tui pointed out, Dave Horrocks' recent SRC shootout shows some *very* unflattering results for Logic's default SRC. I'm using a hardware SRC unit most of the time, but I heard from colleagues that iZotope delivers very good quality indeed. Dave's test seem to confirm this.


Best regards,


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