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Avoid deleting automation accidentally


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I've noticed that if I don't purposefully deselect whatever volume/pan/etc. automation line I've selected, by clicking in upper region area of track, it will get deleted amidst other edits.


Even when I've selected a whole other region outside of automation (A) or in, it will not automatically deselect that previously selected portion of automation.


Say, if I've just selector tool and grab a volume line and dragged it up or down, left it, went out of auto mode, edited a few other things, selected on a totally different track and region and hit delete, not only will it delete the region I've selected (obviously) it will delete the automation I've previously selected. Crazy inefficient. And I'm already 10 undo steps away and won't notice until play back or whatever.


Any suggestions? Is there some automation selector mode that I have turned on by mistake?

Never really had this problem until about 6 month ago. Has now become a real problem as I just realized I've deleted entire vol auto on whole drum set tracks and now have to either import previous or meticulously replicate.

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