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Pops and clicks oh my. Please help


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Set up:


Mac book pro - retina

M-audio profire 2626 to FireWire/thunderbolt adapter

Tried Writing to both internal ssd and external USB 3 7200 hdd


Os: mountain lion

Latest version of Logic


Buffer : 128 @ 44.1


I use the same set up on my 08mp (snow leopard) no problems



When I record I get some pops and clicks. They appear on the microphone track and direct in guitar track.


I have a feeling it may be the m-audio firmware but looking for some more insight from you logic pros out there.

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I will have more time to do tests tomorrow and will report back. I'm dreading downgrading back to Lion and would like to avoid it at all costs, however I'll have no choice for my upcoming project if it comes down to it.


*m-audio hasn't released ML firmware yet.

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I've noticed that the clicks/pops happen when there is a cpu spike in the transporter. I wouldn't expect this from 2.7 i7 , 16gb of ram. I'm going to try increasing the buffer to 256.


I'm hoping its the maudio driver or mountain lion causing this cpu spike as my 08 mac pro has no problem recording at 128 buffer.


(also noticing that cpu increases a lot when recording with a waves plug-in enabled.. is this normal?)

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