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mp3 bounce fails [SOLVED]

Alan Stephens

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In this one song file from the project it bounces a wave but hangs up when bouncing the mp3, Logic freezes, [App not responnding]

I has worked before until today. Other songs in the project bounce the mp3 fine. I have rebooted, saved it as another name, tried the last version in the back up folder and still freezes. I have some time invested in the mix and want to salvage it.

Any clues?



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Are you bouncing in Offline or real time mode?


Try changing it and seeing how it goes.


The song may now reached a point where it is too demanding on your processor or memory.


If changing the processing type works, try rendering down some of your processed tracks to audio and then muting the originals or look at using the 'Freeze" facility.

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Can you bounce to WAVE or AIFF? If so, you can have this converted to mp3 later (iTunes or other apps can do it).

Talking of iTunes... I had an assumed freeze of Logic when bouncing to AAC... Which wasn't one. I had checked "Import to iTunes", and Logic couldn't complete the operation because iTunes claimed in a hidden dialog a permission for some internet connection... Which I noticed after i had force-quit Logic.

One more thing... If your project is on a sample rate higher than 44.1kHz, there is a good reason to first bounce and then convert (as I wrote before somewhere else): Logic would use the highest sample rate applicable for mp3, 48kHz. This is not compatible to all mp3 players. Better you bounce to 44.1kHz WAV or AIF for subsequent mp3 conversion.

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I am bouncing offline. I just tried realtime and it worked but its a 4 minute song so I stopped it.

There are only 16 tracks so it can't be the the project size with a quad processer.

I changed back to offline and tried a 10 sec clip and it works except it adds 40 seconds of blank to the end.

I think that is what its doing to the full song making it 50 minutes.

I am bouncing 44.1 wave files. the mp3 files are for progress mixes to the client which is an ongoing process.

making mp3s in itunes is a hassle when logic is supposed to do it.


Thanks for the ideas.

In trying a few things I just discovered if I turn of (include audio tail) it works normally. So in that sense it is solved.

Now the issue is why is logic thinking there is a 45 minute audio tail? I squeezed it down and there are no stray clips down there.

I just tried a song with 34 tracks with the (include audio tail) turned back on and it works fine on that song.


In this one song when I turn the (include audio tail) back on it keeps going when I bounce you can see the

position marker keeps on going but if I press esc it stops and make the mp3 acording to where I press escape.

I need the audio tails for the songs that finish with a stop and the verb goes on for a few seconds.

This is choir mixes.


So the real question is why does the timeline think the tail goes for another 45 minutes?

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In addition to that: If I have an audio tail I create a Stereo Output volume fade for the last 100-1000 ms, just to make fully sure there's silence at a point I set. I think they should drop the "Include Audio tail" checkbox from Logic, and let the users take care of it themselves.
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based on David's insight about plugin noise, I reset the setting for space designer with the reverb preset I was using and it fixed the mp3 output with the audio tail included. Something must have gotten disturbed with the reverb setting.


Thanks everyone for helping solve the mystery.

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I think they should drop the "Include Audio tail" checkbox from Logic, and let the users take care of it themselves.

+1. That and the normalize option. They smell like GarageBand/iPhone-era options that are supposed to simplify the newbie's workflow but they create more issues than they solve.




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when I have to make ambiances that loop perfectly for video games that include any sort of reverb, I have to check both the include audio tail and 2nd cycle pass for the bounce to loop seamlessly .


or am I checking include audio tail unnecessarily?


I could have sworn those bounces only worked when both boxes were checked..

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