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Tips for Realtime Bouncing


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Just wondering if anyone has any opinions about the best way to approach realtime bouncing. I realize that Logic's documented approach is to have you go to the Bounce dialog, select from a myriad of options, and then bounce. But this seems to require a lot of extra steps.


To me it seems that the simplest and most straight forward approach is just to:


1. Create a default bus for bouncing instruments (or route to the outputs of whatever bits of hardware you like to print to)

2. Create an audio track with that input being that bus/ hardware Input and name it accordingly

3. Cycle and Solo Lock that instrument track

4. Record


This is essentially a realtime bounce in place since a named audio file will be in the track below the instrument and then you can just use the cycle to next region KC and hit record again.


Is there something I am missing here? With the Logic "Bounce" option you have the added step of naming the files (if there are multiple region to bounce on a given track), then dragging the file from the bin to an empty track, and then using the kc "move region to original record position" if you are a bit off.


This may be obvious to anyone who does a lot of realtime bouncing but this is the approach I always took when bouncing hardware synths and I just wondered if anyone had a better or more streamlined approach (or noticed any issues with this method).

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I always use the bounce dialogue box that's on the master channel strip? bottom left. There are apparently differences in doing this as opposed to a key command or even file/bounce, for a bounce.


The method for bouncing is really circumstantial... eg if you do want to create this setup you have for ideal workflow, that's great 8) if you are really wondering what the simplest and most effective bounce would be, I would just say it's by pressing the bounce dialogue box button in the bottom left of screen (master channel strip?) as they say and inserting the file via the commands at the top of bin. eg, insert audio file.


If logic recommends it this way then so be it, i really don't think though that there would be any differences in bouncing real-time to another track essentially recording live.. however i do see a point in that what they have stated already is pretty much saying that a real time bounce really doesn't want to have to go through so much routing to get to the output. Otherwise said i would keep it as extremely simple as you can.


Either way this normalize button has to be off and is probably THE most important thing to note when bouncing.....

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Yeah, i do lots of bouncing through my hardware units, and as i have set them up on my template, if i want to put audio through my Chandler compressors, i just select audio channel and set it to go my Chandler bus, after that i just hit my bounce key shortcut and go. Afterwards i just drag it to arrange. This has been my workflow, i don't know if its good or not :). Happy to hear more from others :).
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