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Error Message: Sudden Motion Sensor


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I'm new to this page but I'm just trying to find some help with a Logic error message and this seemed an appropriate place.


My Intel Mac Pro recently went all weird on me so I went out and bought a new Western Digital internal hard drive and reinstalled Lion from scratch and then reinstalled all my software including Logic Pro. The new HD is now my start up drive and is in Bay 1 of the 4 bays that are available. Since doing this my computer is now running fine so hopefully I've solved the problem.


However, when I run a large session in Logic I get this message:


Disk is too slow or System Overload.


The Sudden Motion Sensor may have parked the hard drive head, or the disk performance is not sufficient to read or write all audio tracks, or the system was not able to process all data in time.


This must be because of the new HD as I've never seen this message before. I looked up online what the Sudden Motion Sensor is and it seems that it's something to do with laptops for when you're moving around. I can turn this off in the Terminal but before I go ahead and try this I wondered if anybody had any experience of this error message and whether or not they could offer any advice.


Is it something that was turned off on my old hard drive (that was installed when I got my mac) and is now turned on by default with this new hard drive? Ofcourse it might not be this Sudden Motion Sensor and it's something to do with the new HD I've installed.....


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can no longer run large sessions which is a problem!




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