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Does CleanUp/Consolidate delete all "Save As" arrange files?


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Couldn't find any definitive answers so I'll ask you kind people here. I'm trying to clear up hard drive space by deleting unused audio files in my projects but I am uncertain as to how Project "Clean Up" and "Consolidate" actually work; I usually just go into the audio bin of my final arrangement and "select unused" and "delete audio file(s)" from there, because I know that it'll delete everything that isn't in my arrange view and therefore not useful to me anymore.


My question is, what if I have several "Save As" versions of the same song, like versions with extended intros or outros, and I want to keep those files available for those arrangements as well, how do I keep the arrange view audio files (and midi files for that matter) for all my different "Save As" versions and still delete all the unused audio files? Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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