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Ni Maschine - audio from mac gone

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OK, i kind of need help trouble shooting on this ( i think!? ) but what happened -


I brought NI Maschine and a 2tb Gtech hard drive earlier today... I installed NI Maschine and put my external HD in (although i didn't install Maschine onto the new external, so that might not really have any role in this problem )


And after using Maschine for a very short amount of time the audio went from my computer - I couldn't preview thing's in the finder, quicktime wouldn't work, so i just restarted my mac... And it happened again, and now when i turn it on there's just no audio at all when using my audio interface.


However, there is audio if i use the core audio (although i can't get maschine to work with that for some reason... )


SOOOO, i guess im trying to work out whether it's a problem with maschine, my audio interface or if it's a finder issue....


much appreciated, can't really get my head round it.

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In a nutshell - you were right.... damn! what a load of crap.... Going to have to get a new interface now (hadn't planned on that) I don't really need much interface wise at the moment (i rarely record at the mo, and when i do it's just 1 mic) ill have a look into the ones you suggested, if there's any other (cheap) ones that are worth looking at id be interested.


cheers triplets !

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