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is stereo width important and neccessary in dance music?

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My correlation meter shows a phase of of plus one, so its a mono track right?


should it be mono though, as it is a dance song?


"should?" No, everything "should" always be stereo, since it is always possible to make Mono out of stereo, never the other way around.


You should really try to listen (=learn to hear) if something is mono or stereo, rather than "measuring" it. One option: insert a Gain plugin on your stereo output channel strip, and toggle the Mono checkbox and listen to the difference.


With dance mixes (well, with almost all mixes and music, actually) you should make sure that it is mono compatible. That is also why it is a good idea to always use a Gain plugin as the last plugin on your output, so you can easily check the mono compatibility of your stereo mix by ticking the Mono box..

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