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any ideas on re-creating this build up effect (logic)

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Hi, i hear this effect alot in house songs and it really ads to the build up.


It is a rising sound, like a rising pitch.. sort of like sombody saying ''woooo'' and it keeps going up and up until the drop.


it starts in this song at 1:08


i thought of pitch bending a synth. but i tried and it just doesent sound similar at all..


also if anyone has any other interesting FX or ways to build a song feel free to share..


also, as a point of interest could somebody critique that song in terms of mixing and mastering quality?


thanks! (:

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how can i make a sqaure wave ?


So let me get this straight- you're trying to make dance music and don't know what a square wave is? I think you need to take a step back and learn what synthesis is. Begin here-


Then start working in Logic. ES1 would the simplest synth to begin with, ES2 will have more features. Set your oscillator to a square, then automate the pitch bend in the arranger window.

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