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problem creating audio tracks from Motif xf8


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Hello Logic Gurus,


I'm trying to get the audio signal from my Motif FX8 keyboard into Logic, so I can use it for recording. I like the sounds from the Motif better than those in Logic.


Right now, I get the midi signal just fine, and I can hear the audio when I play back through the motif, but there's no audio track being recorded as well. When I called Yamaha, they told me I needed to set up the busses from the Logic Audio tracks to match those on my Motif, but I can't figure out how to do this effectively.


The Motif is connected to the computer directly a Yamaha fw16e firewire expansion board and a firewire cable.


My goal is to be able to use the motif as my midi controller, to be able to use it to create sounds in Logic (via Sculpture, for example), to be able to use it in Logic for its own sounds as well.


The system is set up right now so that playback goes back out through the firewire and the motif to the external speakers.


In some of my projects that's working fine, in others, I get the sound routed to my computer's speaker.


Thanks for your help,



PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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