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Logic Pro with Digi002 Rack for zero Record Latency

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Latency Test:


Logic Pro 7.2.3

CoreAudio Driver 7.3cs1

44.1kHz 24bit Logic session


Physical outputs 1+2 and back into channel inputs 1+2,


with 6" balanced TRS audio cables.


Plugin Delay Compensation set to =ALL

Sample Accurate Automation set to=volume,Pan,Sends only.

Pass Keyboard Events to Plugins set to=all.

Audio Merge Defaults: crossfade time 20mS curve 0


Core Audio: Enabled

System Memory requirements:114.0 MB

Driver:Digidesign HW( 002)

I/O buffer Size = (see chart below)

Recording Delay = (see chart below)

Max Number of Audio Tracks: 80


64 Busses option set to: OFF (unchecked)

Universal Track Mode: ON (checked)

Larger Disk buffer: ON

24bit Recording:ON

Software Monitoring: ON

Process Buffer Range:LARGE

ReWire Behavior:Playback Mode (Less CPU Load)

Maximum scrub Speed:Normal

Scrub response:Normal


WITH NO PLUGINS,and 0 as the Recording Delay:


IO buffer size = 32 274 samples

IO buffer size = 64 274 samples

IO buffer size = 128 350 samples

IO buffer size = 256 606 samples

IO buffer size = 512 1117 samples

IO buffer size = 1024 2140 samples


By setting equal but negative values for the sample delay,I compensated the throughput of the Digi002R.



Recording Delay set negative to sample delay above:

IO buffer size = 32 0 samples

IO buffer size = 64 0 samples

IO buffer size = 128 0 samples

IO buffer size = 256 0 samples

IO buffer size = 512 0 samples

IO buffer size = 1024 0 samples



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