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Setting the axiom PRO 49 knobs with logic pro 7.1.1

Grant dell

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You shouldn't have to worry about class.... just follow the steps in the guide I linked to. I'm not in front of my computer, but it should be as easy as that (I do it all the time).


I would try to:


1) Quit Logic,

2) Trash com.apple.logic.pro.cs (.cs for control surface)

3) Start Logic.


... and try again?


Which exact Axiom model: 1st gen, 2nd gen, pro? Have you ever installed control surface software such as Hyper Control or DirecLink?


Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)


Another thing is that maybe you're trying to assign something that cannot be assigned? Try assigning, for example the filter cutoff of the EXS24 or the ES2 to a rotary knob?

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Hi David


Changed to the correct version of Logic.


Axiom is pro - 2nd gen, i guess. The new version thats just come on the market here in the uk. I am getting all what you have told me and it's seeing the Axiom in the control surface and it learns when i move the knob but then when i tun the knob after, to move the cut off - nothing ! I am using the EX24 and i have tried the ES2



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Ok - Managed to sort this ! Here is what i had to do with my Logic pro 7.1.1 set up and the Axiom pro 49.


Logic - Preference - Then go to Automation, Click learn message then click edit. Then the controller window will open.


Open a soft synth or the EX24 - and load in a pre-set (any).


Move the cut-off knob on the synth with your mouse - that will then be read in the controller window. Then i turned my Axiom encoder knob (E1)


Then it will show that it has now learned that message, in the controller window - then click DONE in the preference (Automation) window, i kept both of these windows open - Controller and automation, while doing this.


Once i hit done i then had to wait 20 odd seconds for the encoder knob to work - just play the preset and move the encoder knob at the same time and then you will see the cut-off start to work on the soft synth after a short delay.


I then hit save in my logic autoload - i also found that it was better to re-start logic after you have done every command - seems to work then but maybe thats me being cautious


Cheers !!!

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Wow - thanks for posting what you did, but.... this is all wrong! :?


1) The learn button in your automation window is for Automation Quick Access: that means your rotary knob will now control whatever the currently displayed parameter is in the automation parameter menu in the track header of the selected track in automation view. In other words it's not tied to anything specific.


2) You shouldn't have to wait 20 seconds, an assignment is immediate. What's possible is that you're moving the encoder in a range outside of its current on-screen value, and Logic is just waiting for you to "catch" that value (so if the current value of a parameter is 112 and you're moving the encoder so it sends between 1 and 87 nothing happens).


3) Restarting Logic after every step is unnecessary and completely overkill.


4) Saving your "autoload" or any other Logic project has strictly zero effect on preferences, which are global, independent of project files, and saved as their own files on your hard drive.

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