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question for LFO on LFO, it is easy.

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for me it's hard to understanding synthesizer. in korea there is no manual for massive with korean language. and i read english manual but sometimes i can't understand. like this -

it is little weird that number to question :o but I arranged for question.


I study with synthesizer massive.


1. when assigned LFO and drag "up" the number of LFO, is it right it means "LFO shape is reversed" ?

2.for example, i started osc 2 with low pass filter and I in low pass cut off i assigned LFO1 in low pass filter. is it right "LFO1 modulated low pass filter - and it means when LFO is like sine shape, when lfo is "rising part of shape" it makes low pass is much cut off , and "down" part makes low pass smaller cut off, right?


3. and real question is this-> i started osc 2 with low pass filter and I assigned LFO1 to cut off+ and in "LFO1 rate" i modulate "LFO2" ->what this role? what this mean?


4. is it right low pass filter cut off assinged lfo 1 and I assigned lfo 2 in "lfo 1 amp" : like lfo 2's shape, low pass's cut off quantity is bigger and smaller. so when LFO 2's shape is "down" shape, Low pass filter's cut off is smaller right?



5. with osc1and osc2, how can i make filtered osc1 and don't filter and original sound with osc2?


thank for read this long question. sorry for your convinience. wait for your answer so much.

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1.im sure you drag down to reverse


2.the top of the waves opens the cut off and the bottom of the wave closes it unless you "reverse" by dragging down instead of up.


3 I think you mean you modulated the lfo 1's rate with lfo 2, this will just speed up and slow down lfo 1.


4. Modulating the lfo amp affects how much it changes its target, its hard to explain this but the principle is very easy, really sorry to say just experiment with it.


5. set filter to parallel, send osc 1 to filter 1 and osc 2 to filter 2, filter on for filter 1 and select no filter for filter 2


I have never ever bothered to read the manual, granted I know synths but your best bet is to just set up a very simple patch, just 1 osc and experiment with the lfo's. Write down what they do if you have too, I did this when I was learning synths. I have the manual here for massive and to be honest there isn't much in there that is unique to massive. I f you can find some other books on subtractive synths in korean than this will help you get a general understanding of not just how massive works but how all subtractive synths work. The knowledge is universal. You will get it, just keep playing

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