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Have I, How did I, corrupt the logic file


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Hi All...


very weird thing going on here


everything sounds distorted and out of phaze, when I solo, there is no solo I still hear all the other instruments and at the end of the track previous midi regions in the track seem to still play (not always)


I've saved it as a knew track and the problem follows to the knew arrange/project


tried muting plugs no change


I'm on 9.1.7 with an imac, thought it might have been some kind of ram issue but there seems to be plenty of processor head room


automation seems ok, nothing hidden before


any thoughts much appreciated, I'm at a loss


thanks in advance

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the track seemed to work then, so I quickly "save as" but no luck, feels like there is an evil loop somewhere, and at the end of the track it wants to catch up with itself, and alway at the start of the track there is clicks and pop's!
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