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Criiticism needed - guitar'n'drums track - LAMB OF GOD


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I've just recorded and uploaded my tribute to LoG. Hope you fine guys like it.


I'm new to Logic Pro 9, and this is actually my first track recorded on it. I'm a guitar player.





Lamb Of God - The Faded Line (Guitar'n'Drums Cover)




Thank you and please let me hear what you think.






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i listen to this and get so angry that you get a mix that decent on your first go around. Thanks for making me feel like a complete waste at doing this whole rock-jive.


LoG does tend to have their kick in your face but I think bringing up your guitars wouldn't hurt - and if you don't have a bass guitar you can get away with just playing your guitar like one and use the "time and pitch machine" to take it down an octave or two. I use -1200 cents and it works...sometimes. If you do have a bass bring it up.


Also you have a pretty ringy snare sound selected; choice? That album has a more mellow sounding snare (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68Nycsd6SQ) You've got the ping but maybe see about detuning your snare a bit?


Great job man - you just used L9? would not mind seeing your drum+aux channel strips. You used a keyboard or MPC to enter the drums?

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Hey mate,


First of all, thank you very much for the compliment :D


About the snare, I'm pretty sure that it could be tweaked, but this is just a quick demo, so I'm kinda happy with it... and I've spent a lot of time already. :cry:


My drum strip has just a channel EQ, and the the output channel has a chan EQ, multipress compressor, flux stereo tool and stereo spread.

Recorded and mixed on LP9. I've made the drums with my macbook pro keyboard :P


About the bass, maybe in the future... who knows?


I will be doing a new recording this week :)


If you have time, check out another track that I mastered this week (recorded w garageband) - http://soundcloud.com/di0h/di0h-this-love



All the best

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